Different Strokes For Different Folks

David and I have been doing photography for awhile now and I can honestly say we have pretty much seen every type of wedding. From the most extravagant ball type affairs to the simplest backyard BBQ types. David, of course, loves the ones that are the most outrageous because for him there is so much to photograph, he is definitely in his element during those big fancy wedding affairs. My favorites are the small simple affairs, they seem to be more personal. However, I do enjoy myself with the extravagant weddings, with those there is always something going on.

I think though, that with the smaller weddings, the bride and groom enjoy themselves more. Now a days these big weddings the bride and groom are getting pulled in every direction and do not have a lot of time to enjoy their together. I see that worry too much about how much the guests are enjoying themselves, or making sure things are progressing and everything is getting done. These weddings have so many activities that it is a wonder that the bride and groom are even having a good time. There’s the ceremony, then pictures, then being introduced, then dinner, cake cutting, each ┬ácouples individual dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, all the special dances and etc. The list goes on, and all through out this the bride and groom must make sure that each guest in greeted in a timely manner. This is the part that I don’t like, with everything that the bride and groom need to do I feel that the guests should be greeting them and not the other way around. I have heard guests complaining that the bride and groom have not come to their table to day hello and to thank them for coming. In my head I’m thinking “why didn’t you go to them?” But I guess to each their own, a lot of people prefer to have weddings this way and if that is what they want to do then that’s that.

I have found though, in case you are planning a wedding, that the weddings that are small and simple and that are taking place at other locations than a huge hall are way more enjoyable. They are like a big backyard party where nothing is scheduled and everything is just what it is. The ceremony is usually shorter and then right after is dinner and dancing, no rules, no activities, the night is what the night is. Just a bunch of people having a good, no worries, no complaining guests and most importantly the bride and groom get to spend their time together and enjoy each other company, which to me is so important, this is their day and they should be the ones having the most fun.

But no matter what style of wedding you want, please just remember to have the best time you can. Surprisingly, the day goes by so fast before you know it, it’s over.