Off Topic Here

So I am going to take a little break right now from photography and talk about an incident that happen to us last week. Our broken garage door. I’m not sure how many of you readers have ever had to replace your garage door but I feel this is one thing that we take for granted. You don’t realize how much you rely on it until you can’t use it. Not that your garage is impenetrable but you feel that your stuff is safe in there when everything is working. And when it breaks, its like the whole world knows that your garage is now easier to get into and steal stuff. Which is really not true because no one but you cares.

We have no idea why our garage door stopped working. It was working one day and then the next day it wasn’t. It is such a subconscious thing to just hit your garage door button to close or open your door that you don’t pay attention to it, you hit it and go. So when I got home one night and hit the button and walked into the house it didn’t even dawn on me to check it to make sure that it closed. So when David got up the next morning and went to his car in the garage to get something out of it he saw that it was open. Him being the goofy guy he is came back and joked with me about leaving it open, I told him that I closed it and he was like, “no you didn’t”. So I walked out there to hit the button to close it and so I could say “see I closed it” but it didn’t close. I kept hitting it and hitting it but nothing, it wouldn’t close.

At first we just thought that the battery had died in the garage door opener box that is on the ceiling in the garage, so after we had our morning and relaxed a bit we went out there to investigate. After a hour or so of messing around with the box we found out that the actual garage door opener was broken, it just wasn’t the batteries. It was broken. Since it was the weekend and most places charge a higher rate for coming out on the weekend we waited until Monday to do anything about it. Besides we had jobs to both Saturday and Sunday, the weekend is usually our busiest part of the week. So what we had to do is pull the rope that is attached so we could open and close the door until we got it fix. It was a little upsetting to know that someone could pull up our garage and get in but what are you to do?

We made sure that the most important stuff was in the house or basement while we were out on a job, we were fairly certain that we had nothing to worry about but it made us feel better to know that that stuff was not in the garage. So we got it fix the following Wednesday, we ended up having to buy a whole new garage door opener. Apparently it just died and needed to be replaced. I’m not sure how old it was but evidently it needed to be replaced. Oh well. So that was our little adventure over the weekend, it spiced up our normal routine!