Two People, Two Goals

My husband, David and I both love having our own business together but for very different reasons. He is a photographer in every sense of the word, he sees a picture everywhere he looks. He is never without one of his cameras, yes he has many. He is always saying “that would make a great picture” then he snaps of photo of said thing “that would make a great picture”.  I on the other hand won’t even pretend that I know as much as he does about photography, I know some, enough to get along in the business but my expertise comes in the form of business management. He is the main attraction, all of our repeat customers come back to have David be the picture taker. I just make sure that we can handle the level of business we have and act accordingly.

I make sure that we do not get overwhelmed and that we have plenty of time for each of our customers, I make sure everyone leaves feeling like they are the most important. I have come to realize though, you cannot make everyone happy no matter how on top of your game you are. Some people live to be miserable and to make others around them feel the same. With those people I just treat them with a little kindness and patience because that gives me the power over them and not have me resort to their low level of decency. The majority of people are great and grateful, the few that are bad just make the good ones better. I guess this is true in all business, customer service these days is one of the hardest industries in the world.

But back to my husband and his amazing abilities as a photographer. He has been doing this for as long as he can remember, he received his first camera for his 6th birthday and it was all over then, he knew that this is what he was born to do. And I would have to agree, the things that his sees just amaze me. He can see a picture in the most boring, mundane thing and bring such a brilliant life to it that it will make you question your reasoning about all things. He brings such a passion to his pictures that you cannot help but to get caught up in all of it along with him.

No matter what the object of his lens is he will bring all of his skills with him to make the best photo that he can. He never does anything less than his best, he brings his love, passion and he gut instinct with him to make sure that the main focus of his picture is the most brilliant thing the viewer sees. He never let the negativity of some of his customers produce a bad picture, he will just try harder to make it perfect. That is one of the reasons that I love him so much.

Thanks everyone for getting this far along in my blog, I hope to hear from you!